‘The Good Person of Szechwan’ – BERTOLT BRECHT’S

Translation by JOHN WILLETT, presented by arrangement with ALAN BRODIE REPRESENTATION LIMITED

What is a good person? How are they defined? By their ability to uphold the commandments? By faith? By love? By honesty? By doing the best they can?

It is a simple question that, when fully manifested into the mind, takes on profound proportions. How can one be a good person in an imperfect, money-centered, opportunist, dishonest, class-divided society? The audience are left to ponder if we should accept that there is no hope for us, or are there changes we can implement to better our lives?

The play explores universal issues concerning the masks people are forced to wear in order to function in a high octane, pressurised society. We all play our various parts, such as Shen Teh’s ruthless business persona. Shui Ta. The production is timeless and has been created to highlight to an audience how the moral and social issues can easily be applied to our contemporary climate.

Our aim with both our Brechtian productions is to give students an opportunity to observe how V-Effect techniques can be applied to a performance.

Each scene has a specific gestic, political message such as:

‘Love and loyalty is not as important as business’
‘Love thy neighbour…but don’t trust them’
‘To survive, you must put selfish interests first’
‘’The social climate crushes morality and breeds greed and dishonesty’

We highlight these gests and demonstrate a didactic approach to theatre by utilising projections, puppets, a functional set, placards, visible stage management, montage, song, live music, gestic acting, spass, narration, character doubling and audience interaction by breaking the fourth wall.

We provide a teachers pack outlining our rehearsal techniques, overall production concept and a justification as to their importance in communicating a gest and encouraging conscious political and social analysis.

length: 1hr 30 min
Cast: 4
Space required: 7m x 7m minimum