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Wymondham College

“The ensemble and choral work was so striking”. “Impressive synchronicity and physical theatre.” “Fantastic! A creative use of 3 performers and very little set. I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been to perform.”

Helen Knipe – Audience Member

My family and I came to see Metamorphosis (Kafka) in the Studio Theatre on Weds 4th March and we wondered if you might be able to pass on our comments to the three actors who starred in the play?  They were brilliant – worked so very hard and absorbed all of us completely with their …

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Denefield School

The style and techniques employed were an excellent example of what the exam students could aspire to. Fast paced with a clever use of simple and obtainable props. Very inspiring. Thanks.

Ormiston Bushfield Academy

The use of multi-roling and big, stock characters was everything my students needed to see ! Excellent how you contrasted the ‘human’ bug with the grotesque humans – Really enjoyed it !

Egglescliffe School

The performance was outstanding with an amazing use of multi-roling and performance techniques. The students all got so much out of it and are able to use it in their exam.

Matthew Knight – GLC

My students were so impressed by the performance. The intimate space was a real positive point. The blend of practitioner exploration and energy was just fantastic. As an advanced skills teacher I would be happy to recommend or be quoted on any publicity!

Bishop Challoners School

The commitment of the performers was incredible and your resources fantastic, so helpful!

Ursuline High School – Wimbledon

Thank you for your innovative and powerful production of Metamorphosis at The Courtyard. You all played every moment with such intensity that I was captivated from the beginning…

Ringwood School

High energy, wonderful practitioner influences, engaging, funny and innovative.

William Morris Sixth Form

The explicit use of techniques is very useful for students. It enables them to see in practise what they have studied in theory. The energy, precision and effort present in the performances showed students what is required to create an engaging piece of theatre.

Cedars Upper School

We were inspired by the performance. Thankyou so much and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bay House School

It delivered exactly what I was hoping for and what the students needed to identify with for the written drama exam. Thank-you so much.

Hedingham School

The use of masks and different actors playing the same part was done brilliantly


Engaging from start to finish. Visceral and funny. I think the fact that Metamorphosis embraced a range of styles and skills and drew on ideas of several practitioners was a real plus. It gave us lots to talk about.


Incredible performance that highlighted the huge possibilities in theatre. Very beneficial for all students and the teachers pack was excellent.


Numerous pupils and staff have come out of their way to me this afternoon to offer their comment – all of it positive. This is a tribute to your work and skill…


Excellent. The range of techniques used were vast and gave lots of opportunities for discussion. It allowed students to realise the potential of multi-roling and the use of simple pieces of set and lighting to create setting.

Friends School

Wonderful as always. Gives students great ideas to work with. Very original.

Heathfield Community College

The company were incredibly professional. They made the play engaging, exciting and accessible.

Runshaw College

Really high standard of performance, carefully crafted. Excellent as usual!

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