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Workshops feedback

William Morris Sixth Form

The workshops at the college were excellent, delivered with the same energy and enthusiasm as the performance. Excellent knowledge of practitioners and practical application made the workshops an enjoyable and incredibly useful expereince.

Wycombe High School

Having done the wokshop it was great to see so many of the techniques being used in performance


The workshops being geared to our practitioner needs was so helpful and fully supported our examination work, feeding directly into the needs and requirements of the curriculum. On top of that, it was FUN. Thankyou !

Godalming College

The workshop was excellent and the work on Artaud wonderful. It pushed and challenged the students – was aimed at the right level and encouraged them to take physical risks; much appreicated. Thankyou.

Haileybury School

The workshops you have on offer are excellent. A very diverse range that incorporates everything a sixth form drama student needs to tackle the practical and exam elements of the syllabus. Thanks for a great day !’

Dame Alice Owens’ School

‘Academic and informed workshop which really helped the Year 12&13′s understand the true nature of Epic Theatre.

Urmston Grammar School

‘The power and focus of the workshop engaged our students in a way I have never seen before! They produced excellent work which was visually and emotionally gripping. Thank you.’

Farmors School

‘Thanks again for great entertainment and clearly defined and signaled Brechtian features.’

Scarborough 6th Form College

‘The teaching in the workshops was excellent. Brecht’s ideas and methods were delivered with clarity and made instantly accessible with students quickly producing dynamic work…

Desborough School

‘Direct, explicit example of Brechtian techniques that are easily translated into essay writing.’

Uppingham School

The teacher’s pack is a superb resource that became the focal point of much of our preparation for the Brecht question.’

Gordon Scammell – King Edward VI Grammar School

‘Workshop ‘Superb,’ ‘Very specific.’ I thought the whole event was terrific. Come back any time.’

Chesham Park Community College

‘Exceptional performance skills. Very valuable educational experience for the students. Very impressed with the workshop – the students gained so much insight into Brecht’s theatrical theory and practise’

St Marys School – Gerrards Cross

‘This was a fantastic experience for all of the girls. The workshop was positive, focussed and purposeful. Very valuable.’

Student -Townley Grammar

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The leader was full of energy and really bubbly which made us feel at ease and the experience more enjoyable…

Graham Hamlyn – Prior Pursglove College

‘A fantastic day, My lessons on Stan constantly refer back to the students experiences in your workshops.’

Jane Davenport – Upton Hall School

The workshop was totally engaging and a valuable teaching resource. Actors who can teach so well are very rare indeed…’

Hilbre High School

‘The students and teachers really enjoyed the workshop. The information on Brecht was clear and well explained. The activities were informative and enjoyable.’

Croydon High School

‘The best workshop we have had this year, by a long way ! It went down incredibly well and was great in terms of pitch, pace and animation, thankyou !

Darrick Wood School

‘I just wanted say a massive THANK YOU for the Godber workshop today. I thought it was absolutely superb…

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