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Paula Smith – Audience Member

Congratulations to everyone involved in this fantastic, site specific, promenade version of Woyzeck.  The direction was superb and the actors brilliant. I was led through the trenches, a forest where a murder had taken place, a fairground and a lost letters room  – to the theatre of war, the front line, which morphed, to and fro into a simple home and psychiatrist’s clinic. I …

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Nadine – Forest Arts

Just a note to say what a great piece of theatre we had from the company  last night – despite the harrowing nature of the subject. The beautifully choreographed performances  and innovative sound and light were unforgettable.

Brooksbank School – Jill Leicester

They loved the pared down cast, and the multi-roling, also the concept of setting it around WW1, and the emphasis on the character of Marie. As it’s a set A Level text, a performance in a local theatre was a godsend = especially when it was of such an excellent quality.

Michaela O’Sullivan – Education and Outreach Manager, Square Chapel Centre for the Arts

‘I thought the performance was wonderful (I especially loved the final drowning scene) and the teachers were really raving about it too’

Sally Hardcastle – Theatre Design Student

The smell and the use of basic visual clues like the babies cot or the helmets to denote different settings was very effective, as was the use of sound effects and lighting. I loved the use of puppetry and the decoration, using leaves and wooden planks to transform the space.

Wayne Pritchett – Mime artist RDC supporter

A first class production in staging, promenade performance and above all, in direction, performance and production. Well done, a brilliant team effort !

Stevie Green – Through School

I loved the flashbacks to Woyzeck’s time in the trenches. It helped communicate the catalyst to his deteriorating mental health. Thankyou !

Renae Prince – Through School

A unique blend of both humour and comedy. An intense experience able to fully absorb the audience into the mind and setting of the characters. Extremely enjoyable.

Marina – Student

The way you combined surrealism, expressionism and naturalism was incredibly effective for the audience. We were able to experience short episodes with the use of the different settings, providing us a variety of viewpoints. The non linear structure, starting from the end of the play reinforced the style of the play. I loved the detail, …

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Lutfiyya Shaikla – Through School

Excellent atmosphere. I really felt like I was in the centre of a warzone! Scarily realistic trenches !

Libby French – A-Level Student

Amazing performance, the technical aspects were incredible with such attention to detail. Creating an active audience made it very engaging. The trenches made the performance enchanting and surreal. Thank you for a very interesting experience. The whole performance was indeed something to remember !

Billie Adams – A-Level Student

Absolutely outstanding! I felt I was there during WW1. The setting really made it for me. I loved the audience involvement such as the fairground scene. I also felt I got to know each character on a different level, noticing their clear characteristics and differences. It was both funny and inspiring.

Robyn Winston – Student

Very inspiring. Wonderful to see how a small budget can be used so effectively ! Thankyou  !

Lauren Marchant A-Level stuent

Amazing ! It was so creative, especially the water effect at the end. I really felt part of the performance and it was so inspirational. I thought it was outstanding and felt that the characters were so believable and the actors did a superb job with characterisation. I empathised with them and laughed with them …

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Eleaha Saiady – Student

It was amazing ! Incredible use of Brechtian techniques, especially scene changes, prop use and breaking the fourth wall. I LOVED the promenade element to the show. Smart and amazing structure, brilliant, engaging and the sound and music was perfectly timed

Andrew Hollingworth – Actor, RDC supporter

I attended the matinee when there were schools present. There was a boisterous atmosphere amongst them as we entered the forest. Within minutes the performance had them gripped and the entire audience followed the show from start to finish. Personally I have not a single bad word to say about it. I was moved, I …

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Krishma Quedus – Student

I enjoyed the performance very much. The promenade element kept me focussed and engaged throughout. The setting and scenery was wonderful. The music was precise and on point.  Loved the use of props to change the scenes. I loved how the actors interacted with the audience. My favourite part was the fairground scene which created …

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Lynne Edmond – RDC supporter

Brilliantly done. Very thought provoking and innovative.

Grace Ireland – Student

I really enjoyed this play because the tension that was created was fantastic. The actors were superb.

Judy Mhajlic – RDC supporter

Amazing portrayal of the descent into shell shock and treatment of sufferers as sub-human and more of an experiment. Excellent production and interpretation.

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