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Harry Polden – Actor, RDC supporter

I thought the show was astonishingly chilling and brilliant. The use of body language was great. I thought that the small cast worked really well to cover all aspects of the play and the additions, such as the fairground scene were very engaging. I really enjoyed the show and set and would love to see …

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Higgins – RDC supporter

This was very, very good ! So much drama and energy. The props and the way they were used was quite remarkable. The actors were very versatile and full of energy!

Zoe Pouler – RDC audience

We always visit RDC and loved this incredibly effective show. The use of smell was incredible, particularly in the trenches !

Darrel – RDC supporter

Strong ensemble, high commitment and energy with a great use of the space. Clear storytelling and good use of physical collaboration and imaginative representations of space and time with clear and committed teamwork

Richard Walker – RDC supporter, Model maker and designer

A thoroughly slick show. I really liked the use of the different areas, the movement between them and the use of the atmospheric extras to build the overall atmosphere such as the fairground scene which included all the audience. There were uncomfortable moments, poignant moments, some strange, some clever use of props. I loved the …

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L Cranwell – Woodbridge School

Great effects. Completely different. I loved the different locations. Such accessible techniques for the students. Engaging and innovative.

Vanessa Blake – Teacher

Excellent performance! Actors were all so focussed and committed to the roles! A very innovative adaptation of the play. All of our students thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thankyou very much !

Ellie Waring-Stevens – A-Level Student

Such an eerie atmosphere. Amazing set and locations. I loved the interaction with the characters during the funfair sequence. Amazed at the underwater technique at the end. Loved it !

Ellouise Dennis – A-Level Student

I loved how we entered the space in different groups. The atmosphere was incredibly tense and scary, not knowing what room we would be led into next. The sets and locations were amazing’

Marj Jacob – RDC supporter

Incredible use of space, time and place, which was so clear. The sound effects were evocative and the lighting was great.

Husegin Uzkar – A-Level student

The play was very engaging and touching. It was very dramatic and well performed.

Chloe Stewart – A-level Student

Very vivid performance. I loved how the humour was interspersed with horror and loved being led through the different sets. AMAZING !’

Marjorie Lovegrove – Redbridge audience member

  Terrific use of space. Imaginative ideas and I loved the opportunity to participate. I followed the plot line easily and felt that the philosophy slowly and clearly revealed itself. Excellent work by all, great to see the Redbridge Youth Theatre taking part aswell.  Wonderful last scene.

Savannah Sengodba – A-Level Student

I loved the underwater effect at the end with the plastic sheet and leaves. The projections were fantastic and made the scenes very realistic and created a great atmosphere. The actors’ use of voice, eg creating the baby sound effects was fantastic and very realistic.

Hannah Varney – A-Level student

I loved the immersive experience. Phenomenal use of pace and props. It felt real. Amazing !

Stuart Race – Kesgrave High School

It is so hard to find productions of Woyzeck so we jumped at the chance to watch.  It was fantastic, a very clever piece, many thanks !

Emily Hilliker – Teacher

Excellent ensemble piece ! Brilliant Brekovian acting. Fantastic use of sounds, props and projection. My A2 Drama pupils were so excited and inspired afterwards. Thankyou !

Susan O Shea – Edmonton School

Outstanding in all areas, staging, set, acting, Very inspirational for A-Level students and teachers’

Isabel Milne – Davenant School

I was very impressed with the production of Woyzeck at the Redbridge Drama Centre. It was creative and stunning.

Abbey Twomey – Teacher

Really enjoyed the promenade performance, especially the trench linking the rooms together and participating in the fairground. Multi-roling all the characters except Woyzeck helped us to focus on his madness and isolation.

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