Pollyanna Johnson (Friends School)

Dear Scene Productions

On Friday 27th November 09 I sat down to watch your production of Threepenny Opera with my drama group. We are currently basing our scripted piece around Brecht so thought it would be much to our advantage if we watched your play. As well as in the long term we will be studying Threepenny Opera next year.

Having seen quite a few performances over the last few months I expected yours to be average and like every other performance we see at our school, good but lacking the ‘wow’ factor. But I can speak for all the audience that were present on Friday when I say your show will stay with us for a very long time. We just can’t stop talking about it!

As soon as we entered the hall there was a buzz to the atmosphere you had made and when you started the performance, I think we were all taken aback by how much energy and skill you put into it. I could not take my eyes off you all and felt if I did I would miss something, or one of your many amazing facial expressions. After discussing it with the group we agreed we had been utterly inspired by your performance and felt a whole new motivation for what we were doing. We now know and understand more how Brecht wanted it to be, in terms of things like facial expressions, huge actions, the characters and the scenery.

Thankyou so much for coming. It was a wonderful experience and I do hope you visit us again.

Yours Sincerely Pollyanna Johnson (Friends School)