Chris Thomas – Layard Theatre, Canford

Thanks again for your excellent workshop. Our sixth-form students gained a huge amount from it, and I can already see the benefits filtering through into their own devised work. It was very helpful and inspiring for them to see the links between theory and practical application, led by an actor who understood the theory well and was able to guide and lead them with huge energy, enthusiasm and expertise.

All of my students found a great deal to talk about in your production of Woyzeck. I have GCSE students writing in detail and with understanding about the contrasting naturalistic and gestic characterisations. They are able to make a clear link between what the actors did and the intended effect on the audience, such was the clarity of intent in your production. My sixth-form students were able to identify and understand the theoretical influence of Artaud, Brecht and Berkoff on your work, and were excited to see these theories come to life in the theatre in ways that enhanced the power of the storytelling.

I really like what Scene Productions are doing – it’s invaluable to see and work with a theatre company who are applying the concepts studied in school drama courses in a creative, imaginative and inspiring way.

If that all sounds a bit dry and formal, here’s another way of putting it: Thanks guys. Great stuff. Makes being a drama teacher exciting and inspiring. I only wish you could come here every week.