Promenade Productions – Metamorphosis
Approx 2hrs with Teachers Pack and optional 20min Q&A
To book tickets:
Contact Box Office – 0208 7088803
(email –
07946 005844


Choose from a number of practitioners and set texts

(See workshop page for lists)

1hr Workshop
£100 + mileage
2hr Workshop
£150 + mileage
3hr Workshop
£200 + mileage
If you require a text covered that isn’t listed as an option on the website, there will be an additional charge of £30  An additional £50 charge for schools over a 2hr drive may be charged

Teacher’s packs – Available for the following:

The Fall of the house of Usher, Vampirates
Metamorphosis, Woyzeck, The Other Side, Dr Faustus, The Exception and the Rule, Man Equals Man, Fear and Misery of the Third Reich, The Good Person of Szechwan, The Threepenny Opera, Our Country’s Good
Please note, if you book the current show it will come with a pack included.

Please note there will be an additional subsistence charge of £80 per Northern booking

* Mileage is charged at 40p per mile from our bases in London/Hampshire

Information for school bookers

Small groups and other schools
We are aware that some schools only have small drama groups so the option is there to team up with another school. We have an extensive database and have helped a number of schools to team up. We are also happy to negotiate prices for small drama groups, so please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will always find a solution to suit your requirements and budget.

Maximum numbers
We don’t have a maximum number of students at performances so you can open the show up to other departments and charge ticket prices to keep the cost down.

There is a maximum of 50 students per workshop based on two leaders. Arrangements can be made for larger groups.

Information for both theatre and school bookers

The space
As a touring theatre company we are very flexible and have worked in many different spaces such as halls, drama studios and theatres. Please discuss your performance space with us at the time of your booking

We require access to the space one hour prior to the performance to erect the set. Access to a power supply near to the performance space is essential. We would like to be informed of any noise interruptions such as bells etc before the performance. The space needs to be clean and cleared before we arrive. We arrive in a van and will need to park as close to the performance space as possible in order to move the set in safely.

Technical information for school bookers
We do not bring lanterns to school venues. Please provide a bright white lighting wash for the Brecht shows. The audience should be dimly lit. The Brecht shows will work with house lights or natural light if lanterns are not available. Other shows may have a minimal tech set up which can be adapted according to your technical facilities. We will disucss what options best suit your school when you make your booking.

Technical information for theatre bookers
Our theatre tours will come with a technical layout and lighting plan which we will send in advance of the show. Layouts will also be available to download as and when shows are advertised.


Conditions for school bookers

If for any reason Scene Productions have to cancel a date that has been booked and paid for, they will offer either a booking refund or a change of date. Scene Productions do encourage schools to double up in order to minimize costs but ask to be contacted prior to ensure any visiting schools aren’t already on their booking list. Any photography or video recording of the performance is strictly prohibited. Failure to adhere to this will result in a fine and the performance cancelled.