Teaching Aids

After working with so many schools across the country speaking with teachers, students and examiners we found there was a requirement for extra teaching support material.

Scene productions have tailor-made a selection of teaching packs specially designed to help and advise students in their exams and performances.

Teachers Packs

Each of our performances and performance/workshops come with a Teachers Pack, which includes specific detailed analysis and insight to each show.

Additional packs are available to purchase please email info@sceneproductions.co.uk or call 07946 005844 to order!

The packs are laid out in a simple format, giving a step by step guide to a practitioner’s theories such as Brechtian Montage and Gestic Acting.

The pack then outlines how we incorporated these techniques into our performance and how we highlighted principle themes and conventions.

The packs are thorough and precise, giving the students the specific information they need to ensure maximum potential for a high mark.

‘The teachers pack is fantastic, so detailed and precise. An excellent INSET for us teachers on Brecht’
(Queen Mary’s College – Basingstoke)

‘The teachers pack is an A grade essay in the palm of your hands. It’s so accessible and has been such a help to the students. I’m very grateful.’
(Eastbourne College)


Scene Productions have no copyright legislations and have spoken with examiners who have agreed that the teachers packs can be used openly to study or quote etc…

Teachers Packs Available:

Dr Faustus
The Fall of the House of Usher
Fear and Misery of the Third Reich
Our Country’s Good


If you are thinking of working on one of our texts and would like additional help and guidance, our actors are available for school sessions, helping the students with directing, learning the songs, exploring practical ideas and the process of creating Brecthian characters on stage. Or we can help with auditions, devising or just working with a professional actors in class.

Please contact us for more details

Actors fees:
1hr £100
2hr £150
3hr £200

We are happy to negotiate prices if you require someone for a full day or a workshop which lasts a number of days.

We also offer In house residency – Where an  actor/actors can come into your school (for days, weeks or a term) and work along side your students in class, giving them inspiration, and a chance to see a professional actor working. They can also take a lesson for you, they can work on students devised pieces, helping to steer them and give new creative ideas. They could work one on one giving audition advice and techniques for students interested in auditioning for drama schools. Please contact the company for cost and availability breakdowns.