(Sept 2009 – May 2010)
This workshop has been designed to give students a taster of three distinctive practitioners to help inform their devising and scripted work.

We take a ten minute section of the play and perform that same section three times with set props, music and costume in three different practitioner styles:

1hr or 2hr includes 30min performance
(1hr incl 30min Theory Q&A – 2hr incl 30min Theory Q&A & 1hr Practical workshop)

‘It was an excellent and unique experience that the students will certainly not forget.’
(Gateacre Community College)

The performance will be supported by either a discussion or a practical workshop where the students can try these styles for themselves. The session is supported with a detailed teacher’s pack describing the themes of the play and how we approached and applied each practitioner’s style.

This is a challenging workshop and students must be made aware beforehand that they will be blindfolded at the start and that loud sound effects and strong visual images will be used. The workshop is not suitable for students suffering from severe asthma, panic attacks or who have a physical condition that restricts movement. They will be perfectly safe throughout but the subject matter and incredibly physical style of the Artaudian performance must be made clear to them before they take part.

Please note, these bookings require a black box space (or any space that can be made dark) and a low white lighting wash. If you don’t have lighting we can provide our own. A blacked out space however is essential. Please discuss your facilities with us when you make your booking.

‘I thought the Total Theatre experience of the Artaud section taught them more about his style of theatre in 10 minutes than you can convey in several lessons. As ever, a thoroughly professional, engaging and useful approach.’
(King Edward VI School)