Metamorphosis 2017

Interactive Promenade – Redbridge Drama Centre Oct 2017:
by Franz Kafka


Tue 10th Oct – 8pm
Wed 11th Oct – 8pm
Thu 12th Oct – 4.30pm
Thu 12th Oct – 8pm
Fri 13th Oct – 4.30pm
Mon 16th Oct – 8pm
Tue 17th Oct – 8pm
Wed 18th Oct – 8pm
Thu 19th Oct – 4.30pm
Thu 19th Oct – 8pm

A brand new adaptation by Scene Productions.
Directed by Kelly Taylor-Smith

(approx run time 1hr 40min)

Box Office – 0208 7088803
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‘This version of Kafka’s extraordinary story has a dreamlike quality, powerfully evoked by immaculately slick, highly imaginative physical theatre.’
(The Stage Newspaper)

Scene Productions are performing their promenade production of Metamorphosis for a two week run at the Redbridge Drama Centre in London.

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Scene Productions transform the Redbridge Drama centre into a thrilling, ghostly and chilling experience of sounds, sights and smells. As the audience are submerged in the chaotic life of Gregor Samsa starting in the mechanical office, leading to the disarray of the family home, and witnessing his harrowing experience & death.

Absolutely outstanding! I felt I was there during WW1. The setting really made it for me. I loved the audience involvement such as the fairground scene. I also felt I got to know each character on a different level, noticing their clear characteristics and differences. It was both funny and inspiring - Billy Adams on Woyzeck Promemade at Redbridge.

“What has happended to me?” One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking from anxious dreams, he discovered that in his bed he had transformed into a gigantic insect.

Watch as the unremarkable life of this once quiet and diligent salesman, descends into antennae twitching chaos. With a voice replaced by a rasp, a new body and countless waving legs; it is one thing for him to adapt to the new transformation; it is quite another for his family to cope with the new reality.

A mixture of mirth, mayhem and the macabre, Metamorphosis is told in a haunting, lyrical style, fusing narration, masks, puppetry, choreographed sequences, a simple set and extensive multi-rolling.

We will use a range of styles and influences from Brecht, Berkoff, Godber, Punchdrunk, Frantic Assembly, Stanislavski and Artaud to create a thrilling theatrical experience that will inspire students and provide a toolkit of innovative ideas and approaches to a piece of text.


A full detailed free teachers pack is available for schools who book over 5 tickets or can be ordered from info@sceneproductions.co.uk

‘Incredible performance that highlighted the huge possibilities in theatre. Very beneficial for all students and the teachers pack was excellent.’

‘The ensemble and choral work was so striking’

‘My family and I came to see Metamorphosis, the actors were brilliant – worked so very hard and absorbed all of us completely!’

‘The use of multi-roling and big, stock characters was everything my students needed to see ! Excellent how you contrasted the ‘human’ bug with the grotesque humans – Really enjoyed it!’