Woyzeck Promenade Oct 2014

A brand new adaptation Of Woyzeck based on the play by Georg Buchner 

Promenade – Redbridge Drama Centre
Directed by Kelly Taylor-Smith
October 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th
8pm (approx run time 2hr)
Box Office – 0208 7088803
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Scene Productions are peforming their promenade production of Woyzeck for a two week run at Redbridge Drama Centre.

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Scene Productions transform the Redbridge Drama centre into a thrilling, ghostly and chilling experience of sounds, sights and smells. From the haunting woods, to a interactive fairground and the harrowing experiences in the trenches.

Absolutely outstanding! I felt I was there during WW1. The setting really made it for me. I loved the audience involvement such as the fairground scene. I also felt I got to know each character on a different level, noticing their clear characteristics and differences. It was both funny and inspiring - Billy Adams

“Innocence there is a mark on you!”

Set amidst the backdrop of WW1, Woyzeck is a startling depiction of the lowly soldier plagued by visions of the apocalypse and plunged into homicidal lunacy by the world around him.
Presented as a visual jigsaw, exploding from one scene to the next, using intense physicality, projections, a haunting soundtrack and beautiful imagery.
The agonizing effects of war trauma and the utter devastation of the downtrodden man still resonate 200 years after the play was first written. As we approach the centenary of WW1, this production takes the audience into a world that is disturbingly atmospheric, darkly comic and heartbreakingly poignant.

The production will be heavily influenced by the styles of Berkoff and Artaud.

‘Chillingly combines hilarity with horror…this production has a dream-like quality, powerfully evoked by immaculately slick, highly imaginative physical theatre’
(The Stage on Metamorphosis)

Amazing performance, the technical aspects were incredible with such attention to detail. Creating an active audience made it very engaging. The trenches made the performance enchanting and surreal. Thank you for a very interesting experience. The whole performance was indeed something to remember! - Libby French







It was amazing ! Incredible use of Brechtian techniques, especially scene changes, prop use and breaking the fourth wall. I LOVED the promenade element to the show. Smart and amazing structure, brilliant, engaging and the sound and music was perfectly timed - Eleaha Saiady

A truly immersive, carefully thought out, moving, frightening and also humorous production – Journalist Phillippa Barr


To Book Tickets – Call Redbridge Box Office on; 0208 7088803