BERTOLT BRECHT’S – ‘Fear And Misery Of The Third Reich’

BERTOLT BRECHT’S – ‘Fear And Misery Of The Third Reich’

Translation by JOHN WILLETT, presented by arrangement with ALAN BRODIE REPRESENTATION LIMITED.

This play (originally 24 scenes) shows in both a disturbing and at times surprisingly amusing way, how “ordinary life” under the Nazis was permeated by defiance, secrecy, suspicion, anxiety, denial, violence, fear and dread. Our aim with our Brechtian productions is to give students an opportunity to observe how V-Effect techniques can be applied to a performance. The Scenes we chose for performance are as follows:
The German March Past
One Big Family
A Case of Betrayal
Peat Bog Soldiers
Servants of the People
The Physicists
The Jewish Wife
The Spy
The Black Shoes
Charity Begins at Home
The Farmer Feeds his Sow
Consulting the People
  Each scene has a specific gestic, political message such as:‘Treat all Nazi goodwill with suspicion’
‘Hitler starved his people and politicised children’
‘You must stand against your oppressors’
‘All bullies are cowards’

We highlight these gests by creating clear and precise stage pictures. We demonstrate a didactic approach to theatre by utilising a functional set, placards, episodic scenes, visible stage management, montage, live music, song, gestic acting, spass, narration, character doubling and audience interaction by breaking the fourth wall.

length: 1hr
Cast: 3
Space required: 6m x 6m minimum
Lighting: Basic white wash

We provide a teacher’s pack which clearly defines Brechtian theory and Epic theatre. The pack also provides a breakdown of the techniques incorporated into the show alongside a justification as to their importance in communicating a gest and encouraging conscious political and social analysis. We are also offering a gestic picture package which includes 28 colour A5 photos of the production, along with a list of gestic messages to use as a teaching aid.