BERTOLT BRECHT’S – The Exception and the Rule

Translation by RALPH MANHEIM,

Presented by arrangement with ALAN BRODIE REPRESENTATION LIMITED

Directed by Kelly Taylor-Smith

“Behind the gangs of bandits,

follow courts and judges.

And when an unoffending man is killed, Judges gather over his remains and accuse the dead.

Over the murdered man’s grave,

They murder his rights”

(The Exception and the Rule)

We are about to tell you the story of a journey. One man exploits, the others are exploited. Examine the class differences between rich and poor. Witness how the poor ‘lose out’ while the rich ‘get off lightly’. Consider the merciless logic of class warfare and where you have recognised abuse… do something about it.

Our aim with our Brechtian productions is to show how V-Effect techniques can be applied to a performance.

This production will give students a thorough grounding in Ensemble work and Brechtian theatre conventions such as:

Placards, mask, montage,

song, music, a functional set,

visible stage management,

breaking the fourth wall,

character doubling, gestus,

spass and narration.

We provide a teacher’s pack which clearly defines Brechtian theory and Epic theatre.

The pack also provides a breakdown of the techniques incorporated into the show alongside a justification as to their importance in communicating a gest and encouraging conscious political and social analysis.

We are also offering a gestic picture package which includes 30 colour A5 photos of the production, along with a list of gestic messages to use as a teaching aid.

length: Approx 1hr + Optional 20minute post show discussion

Cast: 3

Space required: Approx 7m x 7m

Lighting: Basic white wash