SOPHOCLES – ‘Antigone’

This was a five hander, allowing students to see the classic Greek text brought to life in a contemporary context.

The production was set in the court of King Creon, ornately decorated with three stark red banners, the middle banner outlining the decree. The colours were used to suggest a tyrannical regime, using symbols similar to the swastika. The chorus were characterised as members of parliament, commenting on the action in a similar way to MP’s in the house of commons. In the centre of the action sat the ill fated throne of Thebes, a black, imposing object, symbolising the fate for anyone connected to it. The aim was to dispel the common interpretation of Antigone as the hero and Creon as the villain. They are two proud characters, each one putting the other in an impossible situation, leading both of them to their tragic downfall.

This production is no longer touring but workshops on Sophocles ‘Antigone’ are still available.