Bryanston School

Scene Productions latest offering of Woyzeck was stimulating, powerful and educationally valuable for those studying this difficult text. The workshop we were given beforehand was particularly useful in breaking down inhibitions about extreme physical work, Artaudian techniques and also an introduction to Berkoff and Brecht. Students were easily able to identify and analyse the influence of these practitioners in the production that followed, leading to much discussion and ideas for their own interpretations of the play.

This was a great choice of play as it is so open to interpretation and Scene certainly brought in some fascinating ideas which students have ‘borrowed’ and explored – the effect of war itself on the ‘broken man’ with fascinating effects to convey temporary deafness and trauma of war, bringing their own pressure and madness, for example.

The production also brought clarity to some of the more confusing elements, through judicious cutting and re-arranged chronology. In particular the use of the beautiful and sorrowful puppet of Woyzeck increased empathy for this character, surrounded and intimidated by the brutal and the base, who were yet so convinced of their superiority over him. This was in essence an educational tool box of a play, which also entertained, interpreted and involved the audience with huge amounts of energy and drive.