Chiltern Hills Academy – Miss Claire Margerison.

Scene Productions are AMAZING. I would highly recommend their performance work and theatre workshops for any Drama, Theatre or Performing Arts Teacher to invite into their school for their students. The Performance work is ‘second to none’, and outstandingly original.

I have worked at CHA for 12 years, and I am Subject Leader of Drama, and have invited Scene Productions into our school for 10 consectuitive years to perform their adapted shows and devised plays to our students. They are such a fabulous inspiration to the students; they always arrive with a high level of performance energy and focus; and every show has been totally different from the other.

We invited Scene Productions to perform their AMAZINGLY original adaption of Doctor Fautus, it was spectacular.  Second by second was filled up with dynamic and diverse theatre techniques.  The actors never seem to take a breath from one moment to the next; it was physical theatre at its most highly professional and stylised EXTREME. The puppet work and illusionary trickery were ‘MAGICAL’ and so believable; we were all imaginativelly hooked from start to finish.  They performed the show to Year 9 BTEC, Year 10 GCSE Drama, Year 11 BTEC and Year 13 English students, and the students could not compliment Scene Productions enough; it was AWESOME.  I am so impressed year on year by Scene Productions development as a professional Theatre Company; I blow my drama budget on their shows every year.

We also saw their spine chilling adaptation of ‘The House of Usher’; the show was so haunting and blew our minds away. It was amazing how they changed our drama studio into a spooky and haunting environment; the students were tranfixed from start to finish by the whole presentation of the play. The actors from Scene Productions deliver their work at such a high level of intensity and professionalism, it was like being on a roller coaster ride of theatre, frightening but so enjoyable. After the show one of the companies Artistic Director; Katherine Hurst spoke to my students and gave them excellent practical advice on how to devise a play.  She has endless amonuts of energy and imaginative thoughts to inspire students after and an intensive 1 hour show.