Paula Smith – Promenade audiance member

Congratulations to everyone involved in this fantastic, site specific, promenade version of Woyzeck. The direction was superb and the actors brilliant. I was led through the trenches, a forest where a murder had taken place, a fairground and a lost letters room – to the theatre of war, the front line, which morphed, to and fro into a simple home and psychiatrist’s clinic. I witnessed the horror of war – and its tragic aftermath. It was a harrowing experience – with just enough humour to make it possible to keep going. It was a journey of sights, sounds and smells I’d only before read about – or observed from the safety of my sitting room or the upper circle in the theatre. But here I was submerged, bombarded, participating in something that was terrifying and tragic and beyond my control. Congratulations to you all – it was a stroke of genius which I can’t stop talking about, want everyone to experience and hope we can all learn from. I also hope there will be opportunities for you to repeat this amazing production in Redbridge and in other venues around the country during 2014 – as we commemorate the centenary of the First World War.
With thanks, Paula Smith