Sally Witts – South Hunsley School

Thank you so much for visiting us; we were so blown away by the power of that Dr Faustus performance…the staff and students are in awe of the talents we witnessed. You have inspired our students so much; Rebecca – a year 11 – ran a workshop for her peers based on the techniques and exploration strategies you introduced to them, and it was clear to see how much they have taken from meeting you and watching your performance.   They are all completely onto Marlowe now!!

Moreover, thank you for your generosity in taking time to speak with the students and answer their questions after what must have been an exhausting performance, following your delivery of a comprehensive, high-octane workshop! You fitted us into a hectic, demanding schedule, you were super ace about us being late in, and the professionalism of you and your team truly shone. Our students respond especially well when treated as adults, and yourself and your actors did exactly that; you took their questions seriously and they have commended that they felt respected and considered as ‘audience’, not ‘school’. They are still waxing lyrical about the many, many moments of brilliance. They also now truly believe us when we tell them that amazing, beautiful, powerful and mesmerising things can be created and communicated in the shabbiest of studios with hard work; a timely lesson learnt there in that they will be examined in the space in which you performed in a matter of weeks! A truly magical performance in what we understand is a challenging space. Thank you; and please pass on our thanks and praises to the lads, too.

We would definitely endorse and promote Scene Productions, we will be definitely looking to book you in again should you be available and willing to visit us again, and we will endeavour to catch future touring performances. Best wishes with future endeavours – and cheers for brightening up a truly grim term…. I am not exaggerating when I say you have put the ambition back in our studio!